Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Without having to make a dozen calls first, where is the best place to begin when a senior or family member needs information about elderly services?

A: Massachusetts has 26 Aging Services Access Points (ASAPs) covering every part of the state so that consumers would have a one-stop-shopping place for any information needed regarding elderly services. Call the Executive Office of Elder Affairs at 1-800-243-4636 to find the ASAP closest to you.

Q: What services am I entitled to in Massachusetts as a senior?

A: For the most part, there is no such thing as automatic entitlement to services. One may become entitled to collect Social Security benefits if s/he is at least 62 years old and has 40 quarters of coverage. But most services have a means test (income and/or assets) as well as other eligibility requirements such as age, health condition, etc. A good place to check and see if you are eligible for a particular program is to contact your Aging Services Access Point (ASAP).

Q: Is there someone who can advise me about health insurance?

A: It is so confusing! It is no wonder people are confused. There are a great many health insurance options for seniors today as well as new Medicare products. There are a number of resources to help you determine what is best for you. Our Resources page offers information on several state and federal agencies that can assist in answering your questions and concerns.