For Volunteers

Interested In Volunteering? Doing Something for a Friend Does Something Great for You A home visit. A shopping trip. A checkup phone call. There are so many ways our volunteers improve life for elders in our community. It only takes a little time: a morning, a day or a few hours on a regular basis. And you will make a big difference to someone very special.

The Collaboration of Boston ASAP's (Aging Service Access Points) consists of three nonprofit Homecare agencies: Boston Senior Home Care, Central Boston Elder Services and Ethos. ASAPs help elders live at home safely and independently. Without our programs, many of these people would have to live in institutions. The happiest choice is to remain in a familiar setting with friends and community close at hand. So we provide home care services that help seniors remain in their homes. We also counsel families on long term care options. But it's our volunteers who bring joy into life by providing the extras. That's where you come in.

How can you help?

Ethos also coordinates a Long Term Ombudsman Program. This program reflects the commitment to quality care for those who are no longer in their own homes. The Program was mandated in 1973 by the Federal Older Americans' Act to give residents of long term care facilities an opportunity to voice their concerns or complaints and have them addressed. Ombudsmen act as advocates of long term care facilities.

To pursue any of these opportunities please contact any one of the ASAPs below and ask for the volunteer coordinator: